We love cupcakes! We like decorating them and we like eating them even more! Are you a cupcake ‘lover’ too? RK Bakery has prepared a mini tutorial on how to create a beautiful rose on top of your cupcake. It is very easy to make and it looks so pretty.

You will need:
• Baked cupcakes
• Frosting
• Piping bag
• Closed star piping tip ( I used Wilton 2D)

Start in the center of your cupcake and slowly, using even pressure, move your decorating tip in a circular motion away from your center until you reach the outer edge of your cupcake. When you get to the end, release the pressure on your bag and lift it straight up.

That is it! Now you have a beautifully decorated cupcake! Enjoy and happy decorating!

Rose on a cupcake