Here it comes – RK Bakery’s first mini tutorial on how to decorate your cookies. It may look hard, but trust me – it is not. Just give it a try and see it for yourself! Enjoy! Happy baking!

To make these cookies you will need:
• Baked cookies
• Royal icing, in blue and grey colors (I used Sugarflair colors in Ice Blue and Shadow Grey)
• Icing bags
• Piping tips #1 and #2
• Stencil ( You can find this pretty Baroque stencil at SMAGU KEPTI)
• Icing spatula
• Toothpicks or scriber needle by PME

Step 1: Outline the cookie with the blue royal icing using a tip #1. For detailed decorating tips and tricks, refer to the comment section.
Step 2: Using a tip #2 flood/fill the whole cookie. I usually work my way from the outside to the center of the cookie.
Step 3: Shake the cookie gently to help the icing settle. If you see any air bubbles, pop them by using a toothpick or PME scriber needle.
Step 4: Leave your cookies to dry for a few hours (6-12 hours).
Step 5: Position your stencil on the cookie. Take a little bit of grey icing with your spatula. Holding your stencil firmly in place, spread the icing in a thin and even layer over the stencil.
Step 6: While continuing to hold your stencil firmly in place, gently lift it up and away from the cookie. Do not let it slide around or it will smudge. Let it dry.

Voilà! You did it! Hope you are pleased with the result!Cookie decorating